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Rugged packaging that works overtime

Converted Productsin Industrial

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Keeping Cool with Improved HVAC Packaging Bags

A seal improvement project turned into much more with this recent HVAC blend innovation.

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Quality in equals quality out - our converted industrial products are extruded from IEF’s high performance industrial films. You can rest assured that the finished products are engineered to handle heavy loads and any material imaginable.

Industrial converted solutions for:

  • Specialty liquids
  • Modified rubber
  • Industrial liners
  • Pallet and bin covers
  • Furniture bags
    (shrink & non)
  • Masking and protective applications

Not sure if we can make the package you need?  Just ask us.  We’ll formulate to your packaging requirements.

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Do you have film that meets your unique specs?
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?

Here's how you can get a customized film packaging solution.

How thin is your film?
How thin is your film?

Mark Lichtblau, Vice President IEF Haremar, explains how you can save money by down-gauging.