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Engineered plastics pick Washington pears to highlight compostable labels

Maximum separation. It's a visionary concept where all labels, including those adorning cans, produce, plastic containers and more, are completely compostable.

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Putting a lid on it: meet our newest innovation in food packaging

Sitting down and talking to our customers - really listening to their challenges - is often the spark for a new idea or better approach. Such was the case for our latest innovation: a clean-peeling lidding stock.

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Engineered for the rapidly changing demands of the food packaging industry, IEF’s diverse offering of bakery bags, wicket bags, and ice bags are meticulously made to perform. Each of our formulations take storage environment, package weight, puncture and tear resistance, seal-ability and graphics into careful consideration, so you can deliver both freshness and peace of mind.

Let us put our combined expertise and resources to work for you.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, we’ll happily make what you need.  Just ask us.

Food safe certified

IEF is HACCP-certified (hazard analysis and critical control points). This means we comply with food safety standards to prevent physical, chemical and biological hazards in our packaging.

In order to identify and subvert any possible hazards in the process, we are continually analyzing and improving upon our process.

We’ll protect you so that you can protect your customers, and your reputation.

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Who looks after your film stock?
Who looks after your film stock?

Mark Lichtblau, Vice President IEF Haremar, discusses an easy way to improve cash flow through inventory management.

Do you have film that meets your unique specs?
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?

Here's how you can get a customized film packaging solution.