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Converted Products — Agriculture

Don’t let the pretty package fool you

A lot is asked of agricultural packaging. There’s no telling what conditions product will be stored in, or for how long. Hot, cold, dry, soaking wet or covered in snow and ice, packaging for lawn and garden and AG products has to be up for anything.

Fending off the elements is just the beginning of the job. Production print speeds, low slip, high gloss graphic capability, layered barrier protection against diverse and changing conditions … all of the boxes have been checked to meet your application’s tough quality requirements.

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Do you have film that meets your unique specs?
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?

Here's how you can get a customized film packaging solution.

How thin is your film?
How thin is your film?

Mark Lichtblau, Vice President IEF Haremar, explains how you can save money by down-gauging.