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From Eco-Villain to Eco-Victor

When major coffee manufacturers introduced the single-serve coffee pods a few years ago, they probably weren't bargaining for national news coverage and contentious debates.

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Transformative biodegradable packaging: A story of customer collaboration

Our customers often come to us with unique challenges. So when a customer—who ships thousands of packages per day—asked how they could reduce the environmental impact of their courier bags, we were inspired.

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IEF’s converted consumer products cover a wide range of bag styles and configurations. Built with films that are formulated to meet the demands of each individual application, and available in an assortment of high quality print options, we put value first.

Featured converted products:

  • Bread and bakery bags – using high clarty film for the best appearance on the shelf ,  safe food handling and consistent shelf life
  • Ice bags – with linear rich films that are made for freezing conditions

Every layer of every application is engineered to suit your product performance goals. If you don’t see what you need here, please get in touch. We formulate custom orders every day.

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Get smoother, more radiant film
Get smoother, more radiant film

Flawless, luxurious, perfection - does your product have the whole package? Beauty products aren't always about what's on the inside. Here's how we can help accentuate your product's strengths.

Do you have film that meets your unique specs?
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?

Here's how you can get a customized film packaging solution.