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Protecting Pallets with Improved Next Generation Stretch Hooder

IEF’s new next generation film for stretch hooder applications offers industry-leading performance and consistency.

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Engineered plastics pick Washington pears to highlight compostable labels

Maximum separation. It's a visionary concept where all labels, including those adorning cans, produce, plastic containers and more, are completely compostable.

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Films that seal your success. Today’s food packaging must meet a growing number of criteria. For IEF, providing products that meet and exceed process and performance requirements is just part of the package.

The demands of food packaging require the creation of films that not only hit the mark for aesthetics and functionality, but also meet stringent safety specifications.

IEF specializes in films that feature:

  • High gloss surfaces
  • Matte finishes
  • Bright whites
  • Other specialty requirements

These same films are designed for high speed specialty applications including:

  • Over wrap
  • VFSS (vertical form fill and seal)
  • Zipper
  • Pouch
  • MAP (modified atmospheric packaging)

We work seamlessly as an extension of your development, procurement or operations teams to create the products that give you the competitive advantage.

Our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions you might have.
Get in touch with us with your food film project and we’ll start a conversation.

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How flat is your film?
How flat is your film?

Mark Lichtblau, Vice President IEF Haremar, describes how to run faster packaging lines.

Shrink film that wins on more than just price
Shrink film that wins on more than just price

One of our distributors was in jeopardy of losing a coveted piece of business. As plastic packaging innovators, IEF stepped in to help.

Food safe certified

IEF is HACCP-certified (hazard analysis and critical control points). This means we comply with the highest food safety standards to prevent physical, chemical and biological hazards in our packaging.

To identify and subvert any possible hazards in the process, we are continually analyzing and improving upon our process, so you can protect both your customers and your reputation.