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Protecting Pallets with Improved Next Generation Stretch Hooder

IEF’s new next generation film for stretch hooder applications offers industry-leading performance and consistency.

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Transformative biodegradable packaging: A story of customer collaboration

Our customers often come to us with unique challenges. So when a customer—who ships thousands of packages per day—asked how they could reduce the environmental impact of their courier bags, we were inspired.

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Consumer films made for the rigors of retail. The strength of IEF’s consumer films is inherent not only in the carefully crafted film formulation, but also in the variety of capabilities that allow IEF to produce for such a diversity of markets.

Consumer capabilities include:

  • High clarity and high gloss films
  • FDA approved for safe food handling
  • Wicketed options
  • Barrier requirements
  • Temperature considerations

We’ll work with your specific project requirements to develop the best film for your application.

We take great pride in our ability to offer custom film solutions, so if you aren’t certain that you have found what you need, contact us anytime. We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit. 

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How flat is your film?
How flat is your film?

Mark Lichtblau, Vice President IEF Haremar, describes how to run faster packaging lines.

Get smoother, more radiant film
Get smoother, more radiant film

Flawless, luxurious, perfection - does your product have the whole package? Beauty products aren't always about what's on the inside. Here's how we can help accentuate your product's strengths.