A new year is just around the corner and there’s no better time to reflect on the past year and the stories you were most interested in.

5. All in the family: IEF streamlines engineered film offerings

Serving our customers is always a top priority and thanks to our move to product families, we’re going to be able to shorten lead times, be more responsive and improve our customers’ experience.

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4. Sustainability and Inteplast Group: A day one endeavor

Sustainability is a hot-button topic in the industry right now but for Inteplast Group and IEF, sustainability and environmental stewardship have always been integral to how we operate.

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3. Putting the "form" in thermoforming packaging

Why is thermoforming packaging so popular in the meat and cheese industry? We sat down with our Technical Director, Steve Brzostowicz, to find out.

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2. Meet IEF's new technical expert, Sumita Ranganathan

The IEF team has grown in 2019 and Sumita Ranganathan is bringing her technical expertise and passion for sustainability to the forefront. Get to know Sumita below.

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1. The year so far: A conversation with IEF's new president, Bob Stein

With just over two years in the role of president, we were able to chat with IEF’s Bob Stein to talk about where IEF is now and where IEF is going to be in the coming years.

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2019 has been a great year and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped to make it so. We wish you all a safe and happy New Year and be sure to stay in touch with us in 2020 by signing up for our monthly newsletter here.