For those looking for cost effective and efficient pallet load protection and containment, stretch hooder machines often fit the bill. An alternative to traditional pallet wrapping, stretch hooder provides 5-sided pallet protection and containment while potentially reducing overall film consumption. High speed stretch hooder machines require highly-specialized hooder films, and when it comes to the unique shapes and sizes associated with white goods and home appliances, it’s crucial to take special care when sourcing a stretch hooder film supplier.

With extensive legacy experience and significant recent investments into product development and the ability to service a wide range of stretch hooder film applications, IEF is uniquely positioned to supply industry-leading products and provide dedicated technical support.

High Performance Stretch Hooder Films from IEF

Our stretch hooder films for white goods applications were specifically designed to improve upon common performance issues seen with films currently on the market. Our films for stretch hood feature industry-leading stretch properties and superior containment force for load stability, both must-haves to ensure the safe transport and protection of pallet-loaded home appliances.

Our hooder films also feature high puncture and tear resistance, and can be customized for weatherproofing upon request to feature ultra-violet inhibitors (UVI) and several other additives.

Common home appliance and white goods applications include:

  • Clothing Washers and Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators

Films are available in a variety of widths and sizes to meet your specific application’s requirements.

In addition, IEF offers our customers a dedicated technical support team focused solely on stretch hooder – a unique service rarely seen elsewhere in the industry!

To learn more about IEF’s stretch hooder films for white goods and how you can benefit from our industry-leading technical services, reach out to an IEF representative today.

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