As a leading North American manufacturer of plastic films, we’re no stranger to the importance of safe product shipping. Producing high quality products means nothing unless a company can safely ship the products to their customers without causing any damage. When it comes to protecting pallet loads, one efficient and increasingly-popular method reigns supreme. In this Product Spotlight, we’re taking a closer look at Stretch Hooder film, and how this simple packaging technique can lead to safer and more efficient shipping throughout the entire supply chain.

The Pallet Protector

Stretch hood is a pallet wrapping technique that essentially takes a highly durable stretch film and stretches it over and around a pallet loaded with finished goods. Using a stretch hooder machine, the film is stretched and pulled over the load from the top, like a hood, to the base of the pallet. Being highly flexible, the film forms around the finished goods and serves as a protective barrier from moisture, gas, and other potentially harmful substances, while also ensuring the goods stay in place throughout the shipping process.

Compared to the similar stretch wrapping technique that simply wraps stretch film around the pallet load horizontally and leaves an open top side, stretch hood covers all five visible faces of the load. This allows for more secure shipping as the product is better protected from leaks and potential exposures, while also reducing the need for added protective tops and packaging materials. Additionally, the stretch hood technique uses less total film when compared to stretch wrapping, potentially meaning reduced costs and a smaller overall environmental footprint.

Leave it to the Experts

Films for stretch hood applications are unique in that they must be able to stretch over a variety of configurations while still maintaining integrity and strength. These films are carefully designed to form tightly to the pallet and provide excellent puncture and tear resistance.

IEF is currently producing high-quality films for stretch hood applications. If you’d like to learn more about the stretch hooder process, or want to inquire about our selection of stretch hood and pallet wrap films, reach out to your local film expert by clicking here.