Inteplast Engineered Films (IEF) boasts decades of expertise in supplying industry-leading polyethylene (PE) films for food packaging applications, including solutions for the unique challenges of fresh produce and other perishable goods. Our portfolio of PE films for produce packaging emphasizes quality and innovation, offering customizable options for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and other flexible packaging applications such as controlled oxygen transmission rates (OTR), controlled moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR), and specialized additives to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Common produce flexible packaging film applications include leafy vegetables and fruits.

Industry-leading Films for Fresh Produce Packaging

Our films for produce packaging feature advanced designs built to maintain freshness and extend shelf life, making them ideal for fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce applications. Physical properties include excellent clarity, high puncture resistance, and controlled permeability. The clarity of our films allows for attractive product display, while their strength protects against damage during handling and transportation.

Our high-quality PE barrier films are customized for optimal oxygen transmission rates, a crucial property for any fresh produce packaging solution. By controlling OTR, we can regulate how much oxygen can permeate through the film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Without the right oxygen barrier and seal integrity, the product can spoil earlier than intended.

Controlled moisture vapor transmission rates perform a similar function in preventing food spoilage by limiting moisture vapor permeation. For products such as lettuce or spinach, controlled MVTR is crucial.

Our PE films for produce are also optimized for performance and compatibility with various packaging equipment and processes.

Additional customization options are available upon request, including films with anti-fog properties or UV protection.

Sustainable Packaging Produce Films from IEF

Aside from the inherent environmental benefits associated with reducing food spoilage, IEF’s InteGreen family of sustainable films supports packaging converters and brand owners alike in their search for sustainable packaging alternatives. Sustainable innovations include films with customizable amounts of recycled content, recyclable and recycle-ready films, and compostable options. Reach out to an IEF representative to learn more. 

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific produce packaging application. Contact an IEF representative today to learn more.


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