Inteplast Engineered Films (IEF) is built on decades of legacy experience in supplying films for commercial and residential construction applications, including designing solutions for the unique challenges of insulation and other applications requiring compressed bale packaging. Our portfolio of films for compressed bale packaging prioritizes quality and performance, offering customization options such as full-color printing and specialty additives to meet our customers’ specifications.

Common compressed bale packaging film applications include both cellulose and fiber insulation

Industry-leading Films for Compressed Bale Packaging

Our films for compressed bale packaging feature a durable design built to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for insulation and other compressed packaging applications. Our high-quality products are customized for low expansion, a crucial property for any compressed packaging application.

Our films are optimized for performance, and are designed for automated applications on both one- and two-roll machines across multiple equipment manufacturers. Physical properties include easy sealing and high tensile strength.

IEF also offers full color line and process printing options on our compressed bale packaging films. UV protection, low coefficient of friction (COF), and anti-skid inks are available upon request.

For our customers looking to switch to more sustainable packaging alternatives, we’re proud to offer How2Recycle® pre-qualified options for Store Drop-off recycling. Note that the final package’s How2Recycle label may change due to product application and other factors, and any brands interested in using the label must be a member with How2Recycle.

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